At the Drive-Thru

In the future.
Somewhere in the States.
The human race DID IT!
NO teachers, No seekers anymore…just unity.

Opened window, in the car, at the McDual Drive:

Me: “I’ll have a Crispy Ramana, a Chicken McKiloby and my friend will just have some Osho nuggets please.

The Other Me: “We don’t do the Osho nuggets anymore!

Me: Why?

The Other Me: I don’t know, it’s just happening !

Me: OK! My friend said that he will accept the present moment and that he will go instead for a Siddhartha Sundae.

The Other Me: Allright, any fries?

Me: nope! …

The Other Me:  …

Me : …

The Fly passing by: BzZzz

Simultaneously: Aaaaaah  THE NOW !!!! (sigh of satisfaction)

The Other Me: Okidoki my friend, I luv’you so much, Take care!

Me: I luv’you too, Take good care of ME please.

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