At the shopping mall with Eckhart Trolley

Eckhart Company unexpectedly went bankrupt and now Eckhart is back in the streets.

Near the shopping carts.

Eckhart: “Spare some change?”

Layman: “I’m all out, maybe another time Dude!”

I’m no DUDE! I’m da HEeeRE AND NOooW OVERLORD!!!

(dreadful German accent)

Layman: “Mphh, you mean you’re overloaded uh? How many booze did you have?”

Eckhart: “Forget it Muggle!

Only the new species know what I’m sayin’!”


2 Responses

  1. I read all of them and this made me laugh right out.

    Eckhart had obviously forgotten he was sitting on a pot of gold when he asked for change (his rights to of course).

    • Thanks for sharing your point of view Lune ! Knowing that you laughed is my pleasure !

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