Bogus Guru

Bogus Guru invited Juliet, his new recruit, for a cup of tea at his flat.

He meticulously arranged everything so that it looks “heavenly” and “distinguished”.

Candlesticks, beedies, spiritual books, djembes, portraits of Indian masters, you name it…
the perfect panoply of the ideal witch doctor.

Until some suspicious hands aiming for her crotch wandered along her upper thighs, Juliet was having a great time.
He and Juliet had made out before but now things were getting more intimate and she wasn’t sure anymore…

Bogus Guru (giving his best falsified smile): “it’s fine, I love you!”

Juliet (uneasy): “How could you know that? we’ve only met 3 days ago…You barely know me!”

Bogus Guru : “You mean you barely know yourself!! There’s no-one to love anyone here! Love simply IS!
When I say “I love you” I’m talking to my own self!

…and OF COURSE I loooooove myself!!!!” (unzip sound)

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