Enlightenment Rocks, I’m telling you!

I was thinking the other day, this enlightenment craze is pretty cool!

You are not your thoughts, there are no “others”, no “me”, there is just oneness. That’s what we are!

So now imagine a second that a lightning destroyed your TV set and you’re pissed because you can’t watch the cricket game tonight (Welcome to UK)

Hey, wait a sec!… We are all ONE right?

Now imagine turning on a new TV set, reaching for a beer pack in the fridge and then you’re lying loosely on the couch.

Your neighbor comes back home from work  and you say, “hey don’t be shy, grab a beer!”.

He won’t call the police for breaking into his house because who the cops would arrest anyway?  Two-ness isn’t real, we are ONE being…  difficult to find someone to arrest in this condition ! :p

Disclaimer: This entire blog post is a JOKE. Don’t go shoplifting this garment you’ve craved for so long!

Don’t do anything that could be harmful to yourself or other people! If you do, I’ll call the Police!

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  1. yay cricket

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