Bogus Guru goes to the mall

Bogus guru is going to the mall today with some of his puppets, oh sorry, I mean fervent followers.

Today’s subject is : “the others”

Bogus Guru (to his followers):

Look closely at all these people.
They’re all looking for something outside of themselves, and if you’d dare to tell’em they don’t need anything to fulfill themselves, they would certainly reject you.

Follower 1 (so boring and predictable):

Oneness would be rejecting itself!!^^

Bogus Guru: exactly, exactly…good…good!

Follower 2 ( jealous, looking for validation by giving validation):

I like when you say “exactly, exactly…good…good!”

Bogus Guru (delighted): yeah, exactly…good…good!

Follower 3 (Bogus guru’s nightmare, there’s always one):

‘Know what? I could be one of those people, so it’s like you’ve just told me that I don’t need anything to fulfill myself and guess what?
I don’t reject you, no…

I THANK YOU because what you said SET ME FREE and I don’t need you anymore, BYE !

Bogus Guru (suddenly in need to fulfill himself):

I’m going to KFC !

(to the remaining followers) you join me?

Follower 1 and 2:  YES !!!

“Let’s forget about him with some good fried chickens!”

“This guy was weird anyway !”

Bogus Guru: exactly, exactly…good…good!

7 Responses

  1. hilarious!…LOL…thanks!

    • ^^ thanks for sharing your appreciations !

  2. Hi Shiru San, to be spoofed by you would be the greatest honour the slightly persistent yet inconsequentially annoying (for no one) ego could have! (Yes, it still pops up from “time” to “time”. Or seems to.) I’ve linked to you on my site and your blog is now required reading for all my disciples! Or will be, if I ever get any.

    I’d like one who would do the ironing.

    • Thanks ! I can pump iron !!

  3. NO IRONING, it’s the new non-dual domestic metaphor for bliss.

    Hi Suzanne
    like your blog btw Shiru it rocksx

    • Thank you ! and you “seem” to do the ironing according to your blog, Good luck ^^

  4. yeah, but it is all a dream, of course!


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