A Satsang with Bogus Guru

Today Follower X is introducing Newcomer to his Master.

Upon entering Bogus’ room, Newcomer noticed a framed quote on the wall stating:

If you declare war to your mind, like Don Quixote you will battle against self-created delusions, and before the war even begins you have doomed yourself to failure.”  Shiru

Follower X and Newcomer are now sitting around a silent and meditative Bogus Guru.

Newcomer:  Can you tell me how to stop suffering once and for all, please?

Bogus Guru (mute) :   …

Follower X:  I try to be more present, but does it have to be a practice?

Bogus Guru:   …

They asked questions for 10 minutes or so and he never pronounced a single word.

Follower X:  We’re gonna leave now, thank you Master !

Newcomer, now becoming Follower Z:  Hey, thanks, I like your teaching style ! (trying to impress him)    Yeah Kathmandu ! ! !

Bogus Guru (as fresh as a tombstone) :    …

Outside Bogus’ house:

Follower Z:  WOW, He’s so enlightened !  His silence means something, you can bet on it!

He just closes his eyes and meditates right ?  WOW I want to meditate like him, his  Satsang was so different from the teachers I’ve been with !

Thanks for introducing me, man!  Where did you find him?

Follower X:  Woodstock !

Follower Z:  Groovy !  This man is the Real Deal !

30 minutes later, inside Bogus’ house:

Bogus Guru (nonchalantly opening eyes):



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