The Advaita Thought Police



6 Responses

  1. This is sure the case….my nonduality is better than your nonduality!

    • In his book “Love’s quiet revolution”, Scott Kiloby quotes David Carse.
      I owe the expression “Advaita thought police” from this quote”.

  2. Oh, my nonduality is WAY better than Scott’s.

    (Little jokey, Scott!)

  3. Nice stuff writen here, i will be visiting this site once again…

    • My pleasure, thanks!

  4. Anything which has managed to label itself and thus gain an intellectual following is automatically going to start a a new religion, a hierarchy, splinters and PTA!

    I left WASTE – Western Advaita Style Teaching Enterrpises years ago.

    Of course, I am only writing this for laughs. I would not knock any one’s religion. It’s far too dangerous! 🙂

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