Little Clarification

Alrighty then ! So today we’re gonna talk about what I am…

Well, what you are I mean.

The thinking mind is energy in movement. What is energy but form?

Something that appears and then subsides
cannot be anything other than form.

What is form but a THING?

Isn’t a THING just a word used to express THINGS

Are you a word? Are you a THING?

When you say “I am this, I am that” Who or What is saying all this?


Are You a thought?  Where are you when this thought is gone?

“Yes but”, you say?  What is “Yes but” but just another energy movement emerging from who you really are?

When I say “who you really are”, I’m not talking about the “you” that you take yourself to be usually!

No, I’m talking about me!

Well, not the “me” that you take me to be!  The me that I am, the me that you are !

Dang, that’s contradictory, uh?  What a paradox we have now.

How can I make you believe that when I say “I” and “you” I’m just using the pronouns my native tongue gave me to run my life effectively throughout this world of activity and forms.

Deprive me of my cherished pronouns and I’m Robocop in ING Mode!

Waking up, Eating banana, Chopping Wood, Carrying Water, Teasing sister, Breaking wind, etc…

How can I make you believe that since Adam and Eve I’ve only talked to myself in an endless soliloquy?

I’m crazy like clinically crazy, you see? ^^

What did you just say? I should consult a shrink?

Hey, that’s an idea, as ephemeral as “you” and “me” but still an idea !

Don’t be fooled please, I’m not enlightened like the most of you ^^

Well, I am but I haven’t fully recognized this fact yet !

I’ve just read too many Non-duality books and I’ve got my degree in Phony Teaching recently.

If you wanna check some Real Deal, golden phenomenon kinda teachers,

just look for the “learn about Nonduality” section from the Nondual Comedy home page.

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