Joe’s got a job!

Joe Smith has found a new job at a famous computer factory.

The first day he worked at the “system repair” division.

There was great commotion and a  guy across the room asked him a question.

It was difficult to understand but he heard something like

“Sat’ chid’ ananda?”

Joe Smith, being into the enlightenment stuff, with great delight shook his head and smiled in sign of recognition.

Indeed, “Satchidananda” is a Hindu term meaning


It is considered a description of the Absolute.

In short:  Enlightenment!

Joe Smith thought he’d found another Satsang friend ^^

but he was soooo wrong !

In fact, Roger just asked “Is that chip Amanda’s?”

Amanda is a very good client who asked for a basic computer repair.

When a PC of competition, the kind that any hardcore gamers dream about, went back home…  it made her day !

As for Joe Smith, he’s still considering Roger as a Satsang friend.^^

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  1. Hey – where did you go?

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