The Last one!

Hey guys, it’s been ages!  So did you find the non-dual grail or what?

No, you didn’t?  Perfect! everything’s normal then! After all, FRUSTRATION is the number one emotion

fueling the nondual quest right?  So I guess you’re doin’ just fine!  I know I’m doing just fine! ^^

I’m writing this final post NOT to let you know that no-one has achieved enlightenment here

Damn! I’m doing it again!!  I swore to myself I’d stop talking like a lunatic allergic to pronouns!

let’s reiterate:

So I’m writing this last post NOT to let you guys know I have realized my true nature,

BUT to tell you that I’m alive and well! I suddenly stopped updating Nondual Comedy

without any warning, so I thought I’d show signs of life!

And to answer your questions: No, I haven’t hung my self!  NO WAY!!!

Suicide spelled backwards is Edicius! and according to

“If suicide is to end your own life, edicius means to bring yourself back from death.
The name represents relentlessness, coming back for more , even after death.”

Well, right here we are clearly talking about how life goes on once the “ME” and its psychological suffering conclude!

The death of the “Me” is this grail we are all looking for whether we know it or not, as they say!

Which makes me think how long I’ve tried to absolutely destroy forever this bloody ego!

But “what you resist, persist” right? so I figured that can’t possibly be THE WAY!

Mind stuff begets mind stuff!

I guess I have no other choice but to rest as awareness from now on and forever more…To Infinity…and Beyond!

And as Tony Parsons once simply put it: “Enlightenment has to do with relaxation!”

Thank you all for reading Nondual Comedy and Good Luck!

6 Responses

  1. Hello and goodbye.

  2. yes shiru san how very true! thanks for the reminder!

    • Thanks for reading and for your comment Gary! I’ve just noticed it!

  3. Exactly!
    Enough said.

    • Thank you for sharing what’s on your mind!

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