Learn about Nonduality

Scott Kiloby “Scott Kiloby is devoted to demystifying and simplifying the message of enlightenment.”

Jeff Foster “Jeff attempts to articulate the timeless message of nonduality, something that is ultimately impossible to put into words, in a simple, human and down-to-earth way.”

Never not Here “Never Not Here is all about Video and TV on alternative thinking about life, pointing toward a “direct knowing” of the core of our own humanity, and the mechanisms of human perception.”

Conscious TV “TV channel broadcasting on the Internet in the areas of Consciousness, Healing and Psychology.”

Urban Guru Cafe The Urban Guru Cafe is a Free Podcast dedicated to clear direct pointing on Non-duality.

Randall Friend “Randall Friend’s blog is a container for writings that spontaneously flow and point to what you truly are. The world you know and the self you take yourself to be is nothing but a mental translation.”

Susan Kahn “The story of who we THINK we are is really a mind made image. Look for yourself and see if your sense of identity is not merely a collection of thought based images with their feeling responses. You are the indescribable one life that is always present, though the mind can never see this.”

Suzanne Foxton “Nothing exists, despite appearances. All there is, is this, exactly as it is.”

Unmani “This message is very simple. It points to who you really are beyond all the words and concepts. Recognise who you are, and know that there is not, and never has been any separation. Absolute Wholeness… Absolute Oneness… Absolute Love…This is who YOU are.”

Katie Davis Discover a message of conscious freedom and causeless joy… A pathway to true and lasting fulfillment…Through spiritual awakening with spiritual teacher and author of “Awake Joy”… Katie Davis. Book directly encouraged By Eckhart Tolle


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