Tribute to the EGO – vol2
November 26, 2009

Tribute to the EGO – vol 1
November 25, 2009

At the shopping mall with Eckhart Trolley
September 26, 2009

Eckhart Company unexpectedly went bankrupt and now Eckhart is back in the streets.

Near the shopping carts.

Eckhart: “Spare some change?”

Layman: “I’m all out, maybe another time Dude!”

I’m no DUDE! I’m da HEeeRE AND NOooW OVERLORD!!!

(dreadful German accent)

Layman: “Mphh, you mean you’re overloaded uh? How many booze did you have?”

Eckhart: “Forget it Muggle!

Only the new species know what I’m sayin’!”